For Sarah Kane

On March 4th I had the pleasure of participating in Pi Theatre‘s Sarah Kane Salon, an outreach event held in advance of Pi’s upcoming production of Kane’s seminal play Blasted.

The work of Kane – perhaps the most celebrated exponent of the UK’s In-Yer-Face Theatre movement in the 90s, who took her own life in 1999 at the age of 28 – changed my life, and I continue to uphold it as a reminder to stick to my vision, no matter the commercial or critical fallout.

Below is the poem I wrote – and read – for the March 4th event.



For Sarah Kane


milkwarm break of not-quite

morning you, finally, sleep-crust

fringed nonpartisan vision

daylight/excrement/life as is.


the pen. the lace.

the line. the love.

your arctic summer.


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